Ethiopian striker Adane Girma’s plays for home

22 Jan

January 22, 2013 By

It is a positive that major cable networks are bothering to relay the results of the African Cup of Nations, though it is a shame their offerings remain annoyingly Eurocentric. After Alain Traoré equalized for Burkina Faso yesterday, CNN gleefully reminded the viewers at home that Traoré played his club football for Lorient in France! Adane Girma inspired response for Ethiopia drew no such parallel reference. For the record, Girma plays for St George FC in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia’s premier football club was formed in response to Italy’s invasion in 1935 and has long been a symbol of Ethiopian nationalism. Now that I would have thought is information the average CNN viewer could share with their cappuccino.

BTW, Ethiopia is one of the few teams composed of mainly “home” based players. A significant number of South Africa, Angola, the DRC, Tunisia and Morocco’s squads.

Post Script. That the St George FC’s stadium was largely bankrolled by Mohammed al Amoudi, a Saudi businessman  who according to Forbes Magazine happens to be the richest black man in the world may be material for a whole CNN special or campaign. (BTW, below a reader, Arriam, reminds us Al Amoudi is partly of Ethiopian descent.)

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