Ethiopian activists speak out against Rice a day after GOP attacks

16 Nov

Awramba Times   (Phoenix, Arizona) – Ethiopian activists in the United States speak out against Susan Rice a day after Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor to protest the potential appointment of Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State.

Susan Rice and Tedla Asfaw

Sen. John McCain says he will do everything within his power to block her nomination.

Ethiopian activists on the other hand started a new campaign to block Susan Rice’s nomination. “A person who should be promoted for higher office should have integrity and we Ethiopians believe that Susan Rice has compromised the USA interest with her  association with a corrupt family of the late Meles Zenawi.” said Ethiopian human right activist and blogger Tedla Asfaw.

According to Tedla, a group of activists continue to file a petition against her nomination. “we are asking the Obama Administration not to promote her to any higher position. In fact we are demanding for her resignation from her current position as US Ambassador to United Nations.” Tedla added.

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